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You – Our Top Priority

We approach everything we do with consciousness of our actions.  At Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy we believe there are many roads that lead to optimum health and wellness. That’s why we don’t advocate one method of medicine over another – because everyone has different needs at different times. In healthcare, as in life, caring is good medicine. That’s why we think spending time with, listening to, and developing relationships with our customers is invaluable.

The Difference is in Our Approach

Our approach to helping you and your loved ones achieve optimal health is unique. The difference begins with a genuinely friendly greeting at the door and inviting scents, sights, and sounds. It continues with meaningful dialog between you and our knowledgeable staff, and ends with a happy, satisfied customer. It’s also where you’ll find the best of both modern science and traditional medicine.

As an integrative pharmacy we strive to:

  • Restore the focus of medicine on health and wellness rather than disease and treatment.
  • View patients as real people – body and mind, and consider the big picture in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.
  • Create a genuine partnership between patient and practitioner that addresses healing all levels.
  • Consider simple, inexpensive treatment methods – especially when conventional approaches don’t seem to be working or may be invasive.

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Your Body Deserves the Best!

We provide a diverse variety of products and services that promote and inspire wellness. Every nook and cranny of our stores reflects our beliefs.

That’s why you’ll find the following at every Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy location


Prescription Dispensing and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Healthcare Products


Prescription Compounding


Complementary & Alternative Medicine Products


Customized Nutritional Programs

health consultations

Private Healthcare Consultations

Our People - Here to Meet Your Needs

All of Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy’s locations are operated by our local owners (see below).  In addition to our leadership team, our employees are as important to our success as the products and services we provide. We carefully select team members for their expertise in wellness, integrative medicine, and the unique qualities they bring to our pharmacy family. From cashier to pharmacy manager you’ll find intelligent, genuine people who care.

Contact Us, You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Let  us know how we can help you by stopping in to one of our locations,  calling us, or emailing us utilizing the contact form on this page.  We  hope that you will become a part of our family and discover what  thousands of others have already experienced – peace of mind,  unsurpassed patient service, and healthcare that is focused on your  individual needs.